One page themes helps you to showcase all your services, portfolio, team members, blog, contact page, about us page and any kind of stuffs that your site is about in just one page (single URL and no reloading stuff). You will just click on menu items to swiftly move to respective content. It is not that it will not have other pages but those are usually rare and depends upon the website owner to keep the other pages or not. All in All, one page site is about highlighting your site in just one page giving the viewers most of the information they are seeking right form the home page of the site. I think this has given you the idea what a one page theme is.

Now, lets move to the importance of One Page theme. One page is not totally a new concept. It was introduced few years back but was not in so much hype as it is gaining nowadays. To keep the importance short, I would like to say the era of ‘One Page WordPress Themes’ has now just began and in coming days-years, one page themes will cover more of the website share. For visitors point of view, they are getting all information right from home page. And if visitors are well-informed about your site-your services then it is very likely they are going to be your customers, subscribers or whatever your site is asking from the visitors. Also, if your website is specifically about some product or work, or if you don’t have many things to show in your website then ‘One Page theme’ is best fit for your site.

Some of the common or say usual characters of one page themes are they have flat full width design, parallax scrolling feature, full width slider or image or video, smooth scrolling to sections and pop up and other effects. Now, without further delay I would like to present you some of the stunning awesome one page WordPress templates that help you create beautiful looking one page site. And this is a free collection ? of one page WordPress themes handpicked by myself. So, here it begins…

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